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A report from law firm Winckworth Sherwood, called The Other End of The Housing Market: House for Older People, supported by the Housing LIN, builds on a survey that sought to better understand what practical measures might be taken to improve later life housing.
The Care Inspectorate has published a report looking into the dependency needs of care home residents. It uses data from a large sample of Scottish care homes. Click here.
The Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) has produced a six-page guide giving 10 tips when looking for social care. Click here.
As part of a research project looking at how people choose care homes and the information they need, Independent Age has published Shining a Light on Care: Helping people make better care home choices. This includes 10 care home quality indicators. Click here.
If you employ your own personal assistants or carers using a direct payment or your own money, you can ask for money to pay for training for you and your staff. Funding closes on 28th February, 2017, at 5pm. Click here to find out more from Skills for Care and to make an application. Skills for Care has produced a report on PAs - click here.
The Social Care Institute for Excellence (Scie) has produced a guide for people who arrange their own home care. It describes the standard of care you should expect from a home care provider and explains what you should do if your provider is failing to deliver good care. Click here.
More care workers are needed to meet the care and support needs of the future. A new paper from the Social Care Institute for Excellence looks at three hypothetical future scenarios, and how the sector might respond to the challenges and opportunities those scenarios offer in relation to recruiting, training and retaining care workers.
State of Care Report warns adult social care approaching tipping point. Link to Scils newsdesk.

A link to a report on the CareKnowledge website by the UK Home Care Association which examines the extent of under-funding for homecare services for older people across all four administrations of the United Kingdom.

Published by The King's Fund, an independent charity working to improve health and care in England,  and The Nuffield Trust, an independent health charity, is this comprehensive report entitled Social Care for Older People: Home Truths looking at social care in the UK.

Demands are increasing on health and social care. State of Care – the Care Quality Commission's annual overview of health and social care in England – looks at the trends, highlights examples of good and outstanding care, and identifies factors that maintain high-quality care. Click here.

Skills for Care has published it's 116-page key report The state of the adult social care sector and workforce report in England (2016)

Learning about patients’ experiences of care in their own homes is the title of a blog by The King's Fund.

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) has produced a plain English guide to the most commonly-used social care words and phrases. Click here.  

A free, county-wide register called PA Finder enables people to search for a personal assistant.  For the first time, PAs looking for work can put their name down on the register to find employment. PA Finder is run by The Suffolk Brokerage. Click here to go to PA Finder or click here to read a PDF press release.

Think Local Act Personal has a useful care and support jargon buster. It is a plain English guide to the most commonly used social care words and phrases and what they mean, developed by people who use services, carers, representatives from local authorities, information providers and key stakeholders from across the social care sector.

Nearly half (43%) of councils who answered a Freedom of Information request are ignoring new rules intended to protect families from paying unfair care home fees for their relatives, according to Independent Age.

A convention of rights of residents in care homes for adults and older people has been drawn up. Click here to access

The Department of Health has launched a new service for the public to access and compare information about every care home across the country, according to the Skils (Social Care Information and Learning Services) website. Click here.

Frail older people too afraid to complain about poor care, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman report reveals. Report on the Alzheimer's Society website.

The future abolition of the Attendance Allowance? News on Disability Rights UK website.

Personal budgets are an amount of money, funded by the NHS or through social care, which is used to offer individuals choice and control over their care, treatment and support. This report called Personal Budgets as an integral form of NHS care: A discussion paper argues that personal budgets should be seen a as a welcome advance towards more ‘people powered’ services. 

The Care Quality Commission is to involve members of the public on more inspections than ever before. See story here

Preventing disability, frailty and onset dementia in later life - guidelines by NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. An article in Nursing in Practice.

Guidance, help and support for anyone taking on a personal assistant - a guide from the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group.

The private residential care sector faces a potentially fatal crisis. Local authority spending on social care for older people has fallen in real terms by 17% since 2009/10 and increasingly, local authority fees are failing to cover providers’ operational costs. A report called The Care Collapse: The imminent crisis in residential care and its impact on the NHS

An interview on ITV Anglia news of Rob Assall-Marsden is the CQC's Head of Inspection for adult social care in the Central and Eastern region.

The number of complaints about adult social care made to the Local Government Ombudsman increased by 18% last year, a new report has found. Click here.

The Government has been urged to protect the elderly as providers face financial squeeze from falling fees and rising wages - article in The Guardian.

A two-tier care home system could be created if proper funding is not offered to pay staff the new national living wage, the Government has been warned. Report in the East Anglian Daily Times.

Proposed changes to the way the CQC works outlined in its 2016-21 strategy could include moving to a co-regulation regime, where providers proactively assess their own quality of care and report back on changes since previous inspections according to National Health Executive.

The Centre for Workforce Intelligence has produced a report called Forecasting the adult social care workforce: a summary report of workforce intelligence which suggests the adult social care workforce will need to grow from 1.2 million to almost 1.6 million to meet a 33% growth in adult social care demand by 2030. 

The cost of care report on the BBC News website.

A report from the BBC News website about the UK having the best end of life care in the world. 

A report from Saga Magazine by money expert Paul Lewis about paying care home fees.

A report on CareKnowledge which provides a comprehensive overview of the size and structure of the adult social care sector and workforce in England as at 2014 - by Skills for Care.

A report from the United Kingdom Home Care Association looking at the current stability survey of the home care market.