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Changes in dietetic policies for care homes in East Suffolk have been released. Click here to download the letter explaining the changes. Also the care home MUST local policy and action plan and the care home MUST referral form, and the care home handover form. All are for East Suffolk only.

The Scils (Social Care Information and Learning Services) news desk reports new research by the Malnutrition Task Force reveals that only half (51 per cent) of health professionals thought malnutrition was a priority in their organisations. Only 47 per cent also felt confident that their knowledge and skills were sufficient to help people most at risk.

Older People Services Development project has produced multilingual advice on healthy eating in response to an extensive consultation that shows BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) older people can face barriers to accessing information on diet and lifestyle.

An article about improving standards of nutrition in the health and social care sector from Food Matters Live website.