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Sensory Impairment

News & Developments

A housing guide for people with sight loss from the Thomas Pocklington Trust. More here.

A paper which summarises findings from research commissioned by Thomas Pocklington Trust to investigate the experiences of older people with sight loss in care homes. Click here.

A report on Scils (Social Care Information and Learning Services) newsdesk which says only 4% of young deafblind people are in employment. It details a report by Sense.

A blog from SCIE the Social Care Institute for Excellence about dual sensory loss and the importance of early specialist assessment.An article in The Guardian about the UK's first sign language-only TV advert.

New research funded by the charity Action on Hearing Loss has taken scientists a step closer to finding a treatment for one of the most common causes of hearing loss among young adults following the discovery of a new gene which causes otosclerosis, according to the website Action on Hearing Loss.

Models of Change for Care Homes – published by the Thomas Pocklington Trust - aims to stimulate discussion about how care homes may support people with sight loss, and suggests areas for further research and development. 

Hearing aids may slow mental decline in hard-of-hearing elderly - article on Reuters.

Why books need to be made more accessible for visually impaired people, an article in The Guardian.

A Making it Real guide for people with sensory impairment has been published by Think Local Act Personal, members of the National Co-production Advisory Group, the Royal Association of Deaf people, Sense, RNIB and Action on Hearing Loss.